February 2, 2023

Trixie Motel Review: Discovery+ Series Prides Itself On Renewal

Discovery+ series, Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel, is something I’ve been anticipating for a while up until its recent release in Pride month. The reality motels/" 1376 target="_blank">motel reconstruction series has brought a mixture of drag and renovation together as Trixie Mattel and partner, David Silver, work on a dream coming true in Palm Springs, California.

Trixie Motel: Discovery+ Series Prides Itself On Renewal [Review]
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Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel brings a lot to the plate, both for the inclusion of lgbtqia+ cultural history discourse and for the fun of seeing established places be brought renewal and care. The focus of the series, from episode to episode, goes based on which rooms or section of the motels/" 1376 target="_blank">motel is being worked on. The first episode had to introduce the purpose behind the project and explain it a little bit and appears to have a general routine, introducing possible issues with a room, the design of it all, and the process, and with the inclusion of a celebrity guest to help guide things for Trixie.

The first room worked on, The Flamingo Room, was a fun ride and introduction to Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel. Same can be said of episode two with room two, Queen of Hearts. It’s truly unique and nice to see the interaction between Trixie and David, same with them both and the designers like Dani Dazey and David Rios.

Some fantastic guests await those who watch Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel, my favorite one being Nicole Byer who was absolutely hilarious but I do wish she was in the episode longer. What is truly so important about the series is what is included in queer history and cultural terms, such as Palm Spring’s history and lack thereof of gay bars before 1993 or the definition of the Hanky Code from the 70s.

Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel is a promising and fun series overall, balancing comedy and entertainment with reality TV that I tend to love that focuses on DIY and renovations. It’s a lot of fun watching as a fan of Trixie’s, but it’s also such a unique view of the style and cultural significance of this region in California. Including various artists and looking for customs from them such as stained-glass windows is a fantastic and necessary touch.

While some could look at the series and annoyingly complain that it’s too camp or not what they’re used to when watching Trixie content…well, no duh! Drag and life, in general, is so camp and it’s not fair to pin down a drag queen’s persona to one project and Trixie’s proven that with music, comedy, makeup, and more. My only complaint would be timing and editing on some portions and scenes, but overall, Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel is a fantastic and enjoyable series.

Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel

Trixie Motel: Discovery+ Series Prides Itself On Renewal [Review]
Review by Brittney Bender

Discovery+ series Trixie motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel combines the fun of renovation reality shows with the celebration of drag and queer life. While minor awkward moments arrive in some of the editing itself and scene placement, the series overall is fantastic and incredibly fun to watch for longtime and new fans.


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