December 4, 2022

These Are California’s Best Fall Travel Destinations | iHeart

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes some of the most beautiful scenery of the year. California is a particularly beautiful place to be in the fall. Leaves begin to fall off of Summer trees and change color, painting the forrest in bold reds, oranges, and yellows.

According to Trips To Discover, the best fall travel destinations in California are Mendocino County and Monterey County, Central Coast.

Here is what Trips To Discover had to say about the best fall travel destinations in California:

Mendocino County:

“Mendocino County is a jaw-dropping area in Northern California all year-round, and a favorite road trip stop along the Pacific Coast Highway. But in autumn it explodes with color that even rivals places like Vermont. You’ll find everything from picturesque beaches and soaring redwoods to apple farms, vineyards, and a historic steam train that travels between Willits and Fort Bragg.”

Monterey County:

“Autumn is harvest time in the lesser-known vineyards of Monterey County on the Central Coast of California. This is an ideal season for following Monterey County’s River Road Wine Trail to the wineries that sit along the trail. As the area is famous as the “America’s Salad Bowl,” it’s a great place to pick up fresh local produce, like organic broccoli and heirloom tomatoes at the Farm.”

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