July 5, 2022

Motel 6 to Pay $1.4 Million in Deal Over Credit Reporting Claims

motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel 6 will pay $1.4 million in a class action settlement over claims that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by obtaining consumer reports without authorization as part of its hiring process, after a federal judge in travel/" 1378 target="_blank">California granted final approval of the deal.

Angelique Singletary sued G6 Hospitality LLC, which owns and operates motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel 6, alleging the FCRA violations. Singletary, an employee, also said that it included additional state law notices in the background check and authorization form that she and other employees were required to execute as a condition of employment.

Singletary additionally alleged that motels/" 1376 target="_blank">Motel 6 …

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