July 5, 2022

Get Paid $10K Per Month to Travel Across California

Getting paid to travel is something many people only dream of. But, Sierra Nevada is looking to make that dream come true for one lucky individual. The beverage company is seeking a representative that can spend the summer touring the coast of travel/" 1378 target="_blank">California, sharing the news of its Strainge Beast hard kombucha.

The gig is as dreamy as it sounds. In exchange for filming content for social media and hosting some in-person events, the “Chief Strainge Officer” who wins the gig will get a year’s supply of hard kombucha, Outside Lands Festival tickets, a $200 stipend for “adventures” on your days off, and a monthly salary of $10,000 each month of the travel/" 1378 target="_blank">California tour. To be honest, I’d drive around the coast of travel/" 1378 target="_blank">California for just one of those things.

Anyone over 21 who has a valid driver’s license “and a unique passion for travel” is encouraged to apply. The application is already live, and you can apply here. The time commitment is between May and August 2022, so it’d be wise to make sure you have some time on the calendar to spare when filling out the application. The application will stay open until the position is filled, but given the perks of this opportunity, that might not be for long.

To learn more about this dream gig and how to apply, head to Strainge Beast’s website.

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