December 4, 2022

California Hotel Will Deliver 10-Pound Donut To Your Room | Fox Sports 1070

Dough-nut disturb is what you will be saying at this J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Dessert, California. Guests can now have a HUGE 10-pound pink doughnut delivered straight to their door for $219 with the ‘Donut Disturb’ package. 

The donut comes in a three feet wide by a foot high & comes with a side of milkshakes when guests are ready. 

It’s a fine line if this is ‘actually’ a donut or just a cake, but the FoodBeast says it’s a version of heaven with layers of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream and raspberry jelly smothered with pink cream frosting, macaron crisps and sprinkles. 

Talk about delicious! But a little big. Would you try it? 

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